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IF your house was built in the 80s this could burn it to the ground.

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Seriously, not click bait.
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Quick connect or push in electrical outlets or switches are bad news. the way home wiring is done each device is in series, so every bit of current on the last outlet passes through the very first and each one after. that means that there is as much as 15 amps trying to get past the tiny cross section of a bit of brass that snags the wire when Iit is pushed into the ez install outlets and switches. this is the 3rd instance were I have discovered an outlet overheating and eventually causing failure of the entire circuit. I promised myself that I would replace every one in the house, but procrastination and out of site and mind prevented me from addressing this dead serious risk. one of those times there was evidence of flames at some point. get an electrician to replace all of your old switches if they used this terrible type of design.
Wanted Used Bikes, Bike Parts and Bike Tools
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Hi - This is Joe The Bike Man of The Bike Men of Flagler County.

We need your bike, flats are no problem. We evaluate all donated bikes to determine if they are repairable, if not we harvest the working parts to help with repairs on other bikes. Clear your garage or shed of clutter!

Thank all of you that responded to our past ads and have donated your used bicycles, parts and tools. They have made a difference to people in need of transportation and the children in our county.

We recently have started to distribute used bikes to some of the Flagler County Schools to assist homeless, foster and other children in need, your donations have made this possible. - Thank You

We repair/maintain/build/rebuild bicycles for several charitable organizations here in Flagler County. We also provide regular on-the-spot maintenance for some of these organizations as part of a weekly/regular schedule.

Christmas Come True - http://christmascometrue.org/
The Sheltering Tree -...
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How do we decide what makes a Person Dangerous?
The recent Banning of Paul Joseph Watson and Milo Yiannopoulos is deeply concerning.
The statement that anyone who post information about these provocative people that is not critical of them will face the same fate of being banned. WTF
What is Dangerous is being able to define something or someone as Hateful or a terrorist without any rigid standards.
Who's next? who decides and where is the accountability? and when does a Company become a public utility?

People are Manipulating You This is How we have been attacked

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This is a must watch this really explains pitfalls of mass social media and what the future of the internet is going to face.
This affects even people not on Facebook or other social media. and it gives you a good insight to what form the manipulation we face comes in.