3-year-old accidentally shoots both parents


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A 3-year-old boy found a handgun in his mother's purse and fired just one shot that wounded both his parents at an Albuquerque motel on Saturday, police said.According to investigators, the toddler apparently reached for an iPod but found the loaded weapon. Police believe the shooting to be accidental.

The bullet first struck his father in the buttock and then hit the right shoulder of his mother, who is eight months pregnant, police said. His 2-year-old sister was present but unhurt.

Both injuries are non-life threatening, authorities said.

The Baller

Snow Princess
Everyone has their right to an opinion and this is why I say no guns in my house until my kids are raised. I don't care if you teach them about gun safty or not. Kids are curious. I rather take a bullet from an intruder than have an accident happen and have my child harm themselves being curious.

Little Dee

Sweet & Sassy
I would like to know how a 3 year old and pull a trigger. and also how the hell did he get his hands on it? Dumb ass people in this world.


In The Pokey
I would say that mom and dad let the little punk play with it when it was empty at one time. He grabbed it and assumed it was empty and Blam!!!! Shot dad in the ass!:ahahahaha:

Little Dee

Sweet & Sassy
That has to be one strong kid. A loaded gun is not easy to shoot unless it has a hammer and he was taught to pull the hammer back, then it is easy to shoot. But what kind of a moron would teach a 3 year old how to shoot a gun. Maybe they should have been helping him learn his ABCs instead!


In The Pokey
I agree 100% I assume it was the typical purse gun of a preferred .380! Trigger probably had the typical 4 to 8 pounds of pull ( it varies per gun) and it had to be pre cocked and ready to go. You are correct, MORONS! I usually inject one into the cylinder then carefully release the hammer back down and set the safety. I have no kids to worry about here and I refuse to teach my cats about gun basics LOL This kid would have made a scene playing with the gun to get it ready to fire. Either this little brat was so educated on guns or .... wait, there is no OR!


Army Cracker
It was 9mm semi auto pistol. Some Sig Sauers have a hair trigger that is quite easy to pull. However that said, always secure a firearm from access by children period. This dumb ass allowed the child access. Until my kids were all grown and out of the house I never had a "out of safe" experience, or a gun in the house to begin with. That is responsibility. Like vehicles, it is the nut behind the wheel that causes accidents, not the vehicle.


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So they live in a motel, pop out a kid a year and can afford an ipod and a gun. WTF?
I expect that they were in the motel as a result of some welfare agency.

I am not sure that a child of 3 years old is a Punk.
I agree with you. Hopefully, these children will be protected so that they can grow up and survive their ignorant parents.