Breakfast of Champions


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A pound a day and avoiding carbs keeps the pain away. I never realized how much my food intake affected the amount of inflammation I had to live with daily. a moderate Ketogenic diet restricting breadrestricting bread sugars and other carbohydrates not only has kept my weight in check, lowering my blood pressure and keeping me off medication. I now can clearly see ,after going off it after losing 40lb since May that even though I wasn't re gaining the fat keeping with a low carb mindset, the morning joint pain that has increased over the last 10 years subsidising my every present lingering Back injuries from the last 40 years of abuse to my body. Whenever I am in full ketosis, fasting and disciplined at avoiding all processed foods and their included sugars I feel MUCH Less pain when I get up out of bed.
I started learning about the ideas of a Ketogenic lifestyle with the bullet proof coffee a few years back and when I was Isolated at the ranch I could obtain a carb temptation free environment for 30 to 45 days, when I got home the other half would not cooperate as he loves his bread potato and rice. I had to set down the law and refuse to cook for him , He don't mind the steak bacon and delicious cheeses, but his lack of discipline on the carbs has not allowed the same effect as I have benefited from. I am renewing my mission, its awesome how much milage you get from a cup of heavy cream and a pound of bacon with some kimchee cheese or nuts as snacks. I don't even think about those most of the day when I have had a good fatty breakfast free from hidden sugars carbs and artificial sweeteners. I know some people attribute these kind of effects to a dairy free diet, but I grew up near a dairy and love my cow juice especially when its 27% butterfat. gotta keep that gall bladder flushed clean
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