Canary Island Date Palm For Sale.


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The previous homeowners planted this too close to the house, so now it's starting to create problems. Sometimes mistakenly called a pineapple palm, this healthy mid-sized specimen will need to be dug up and transported professionally. Buyer is responsible for making those arrangements and for any property damage incurred while removing it. Located in front yard with fairly easy access. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow. All serious offers will be considered.


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How much clear trunk does it have and what is the diameter of the trunk 2 feet from the ground?
I can give you a good Idea of what its value is, and whether it is worth digging and paying for.
A very large part of the expense is the digging and transport of large palms.
Just for reference here is the Wholesale prices ready to pick up,
45G 6-7' Overall $100.00
12-13' Overall
2-3' Clear Trunk
100G8-14' Overall
3' x 24+" FatTrunk
200G12-15' Overall
4' Clear Trunk
[SUP]Note that a 200 gal container 48" x 27" or 51" x 24" adds about $100 to the bottom line
I have A beautiful rare 20'+ Gray wood Mule Palm (Pindo Palm Butia capitata x Queen palm Syagrus romanzoffiana) Florida Fancy Grade that is near 30" in diameter that I regularly get offers on from Palm Hunters.
But there is no way in hell I am giving it up for $1500 plus a replacement tree! even though that is a fair offer from a broker.

I know that it is Wholesale about $4500.00+ if you can find one this big and fat, but the cost to dig and transport would be >$1500 IF they owned there own crane. and then they would have the cost of fixing the hole in the yard.

Frankly I just like the darn thing.

Those thorny MF's Phoenix canariensis Not so much

To give you an Idea of the way they size is defined this would be approx the size of the 45gal listed above

The field grown

and this would be about the size of the 200gal one.



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Armoire and date palm 007.jpgArmoire and date palm 007.jpg
The fronds begin six feet up the trunk which is about 40"in diameter. The tip of the top fronds add another ten feet to the height so I'm guessing it's close to 16 feet tall.


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That is a nice Fat boy , It is going to weigh a ton, Literally 2 tons .
Generally the big bucks and usability starts when the fronds are no longer within reach of a person IG 8-10 feet of clear trunk. But the 20k kind of prices are for the rareer mature palms, this size are readily available to be loaded on the back of the truck within an hours drive for +- $600.00

It will require about two yards of compost to back fill the hole

Too bad they planted it so close to the house. They should never be closer than 16 to better 20 feet.
It's just barley a break even palm for a landscaper to dig and resale if they have a customer willing to pay $1200+ That's what I would charge to transplant it locally. (not making an offer just an estimate)

Another solution could be to dig out a pancake ball (flat bottom) and extend the hole about 4-6 feet and drag it away from the house and back fill.

Whoever digs it will need to be very careful to brace the bud with at least three 2x4s. Bound tight to the trunk and fronds to immobilize them during transport.

It would be a lot better if those last fronds had been left on down to the point below the taper of the bud. because now the remaining ones will put a lot of pressure on the growing point and can snap it off or break the connection causing it to die.

Other than the physical bracing it is a robust and healthy palm that will transplant well.

and just since I am on the subject, when you do saw off the fronds the curb appeal is increased significantly If you make every cut exactly the same, there are a few styles each involving different angles My favorite is the diamond cut that requires two cuts. It would take about two hours to do this one with a saws all You have to be real careful not to cut into the others. It is a tedious job with satisfying results.

Again avoid cutting fronds above the middle line of the bud. The growing point is the circle and is quite fragile and susceptible to catastrophic damage with rough handling Especially when the head is bound up for transport.
Here is an illustration of the bud so you can see what I mean and how they are measured.


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The tree is a beauty...I like ROOT's idea of moving/dragging it further from the house and saving it for yourself, RAH.


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As it is now, it almost hangs over the property line. Moving it further out might cause conflict with the neighbors. If selling it is not a viable option, then maybe relocating it to the back yard would work. But we're talking about dragging it fifty or sixty feet. Ideally the front would be better, but there's the issue of overhead wires. Either way, it will have to go sooner or later.


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I am not confident that a bobcat could lift it, but if you do decide to drag it a longer distance sitting it on a sheet of ply-board as a makeshift sled and wetting the grass with a little soapy water will make that go easier. and while it would be slower using a come-along if you have an anchor point will get r done without the collateral damage that a vehicle would. Just be really careful it is one of the heaviest palms and will squish a person like a bug. And as you probably already know those damn thorns will penetrate even thick wielding gloves and in my case they always find a piece of cartilage on the knuckle that makes it hurt like hell for a month till it can work its way back out.

My Mule has no thorns Yeah!!


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I called six local nurseries. Five got back to me. The general consensus is, by law, they can't resell a tree that was not grown professionally under controlled Department of Agriculture conditions. There could be issues with diseases and so on. But as a homeowner, I can sell this tree privately to someone and they can transport it themselves or hire someone to do it for them.
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Screw that! If somebody doesn't want to buy it at the bargain price of__________, I guess I'll just wait it out until it's so tall, the fronds no longer drag against the roof. So figure... ten years?


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I called six local nurseries. Five got back to me. The general consensus is, by law, they can't resell a tree that was not grown professionally under controlled Department of Agriculture conditions. There could be issues with diseases and so on. But as a homeowner, I can sell this tree privately to someone and they can transport it themselves or hire someone to do it for them.

Somebody has been blowing smoke up your skirt, the only plant that has such restrictions is citrus.
You need certification of inspection to transport out of state, but that is not a big deal I have had plant inspectors come to private homes before and the companies I have worked with bought big specimen hollies and ligustrum all the time.
I don't know why they would chose to make such a falsehood rather than simply say we are not interested.

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Wow! This was real helpful! I might just drop them a line. But in the meantime, should I remove all the loose frond stumps starting at the bottom? They're practically falling off anyways. Prior to a couple of days ago, there was a lush growth of ferns covering the trunk. My wife is insistent they are parasitic yet others have told me they're harmless. I removed them by hand the best I could. More so for appearances.


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Ferns have taken to my palm's bases as well and I think it looks beautiful! I do not know why or how this happened but it is a beautiful accent!


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Glad to be of help, If I run across the flyer from the company that has contacted me a few time I will be sure to pass it on.
I think it might have been treemart.
Ferns are Defiantly harmless

Take care shaving it, any gouges will be permanent scars the trunk does not heal.