Caturday , its July already


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The furry one and I need to come to an understanding about the concept of middle-of-the-night. Before going to bed last night I checked Arabella’s food dish to make sure she wouldn’t get to the bottom of the dish before morning and placed fresh water in her water bowl that sits next to the sink in my master bathroom. Along about 3-ish I am awaken by her tapping on my shoulder...told her to stop and she did for a moment, but started tapping again. I pulled her in close to me and held her in the crook of my arm, hoping she’d either go to sleep or jump off the bed. She was quite for a while, but again I was awaken with her softly tapping on my cheek...I got up to check her food dish, and her water in case she had push that dish over into the sink—nope, everything was good. She is still on my bed, I sit down in the recliner near the bed and raise the foot rest...she jumps from the bed into my lap and there we both sleep until I woke up at 6-ish this morning with her still sound asleep on my lap.

Little stinker!


Could these kitties get any cuter? I just got a new kitty. He showed up at the door two days ago and demanded some food and water, so of course he got it. Then he wanted to come in, so I put him in the bathroom. We posted photos on the found pets site and no one is looking for him. He is not chipped. So I spent a fortune at the vet today and he will be here forever. Tomorrow he will be out among the others. He got shots today and is tired, so I am letting him rest in the bathroom where he can be by himself until he feels better. He is at least 5 years old, very very thin, orange and white and super friendly. He new where to come.