Dangerous People Dangerous Ideas Dangerous Precedents

How do we decide what makes a Person Dangerous?
The recent Banning of Paul Joseph Watson and Milo Yiannopoulos is deeply concerning.
The statement that anyone who post information about these provocative people that is not critical of them will face the same fate of being banned. WTF
What is Dangerous is being able to define something or someone as Hateful or a terrorist without any rigid standards.
Who's next? who decides and where is the accountability? and when does a Company become a public utility?


Classical Liberals and Libertarians like myself Are tired of the misrepresentation.
Liberty is destroyed by authoritarians and one of the favorite weapons is censorship Because while they are using physical violence as an excuse the most dangerous thing to the authority they want is Ideas. Ideas that raise the individual above all else. anything less is not freedom.
Democracy without the restraints of protecting the individual Is suppression and mob Rule.

Joe Rogan defends The_Donald from Reddit censorship: "Quarantine? Does it have Ebola? That's not a good idea....that's where like all the funny memes come from. Look man, you can't do that. You can't just shut down a whole forum...that seems insane."

Joe Rogen and Tim Pool are the latest Liberals to be red-pilled and make sense. And as expected are getting labeled as "alt-right (white nationalist)" sympathizers

Red Pill Liberalism as a doctrine is defined by several principles. These principles differentiate it from Progressive Liberalism. To put it simply, Red Pill Liberalism is a doctrine of strength, rather than weakness. It is a reassertion of the classical liberal ideals of Adam Smith, John Locke, Voltaire, and others.

Four Principles of Red Pill Liberalism:

1) Individualism – Red Pill Liberalism is rooted in the Doctrine of Individualism. The idea that society should be structured to empower individuals, by creating proper incentives that align individual behavior with the greater good. If an individual succeeds, then so should society. And vice versa. Red Pill Liberalism rejects Progressive ideas around collectivism or group Identity Politics or Political Correctness. It favors free speech, free markets, due process, and individual rights. The outcome of the group average should not be emphasized over that of individuals. Moreover, all individuals (unless mentally disabled) are capable of full agency. Red Pill Liberalism fully rejects the concept of hypoagency as it relates to minorities, women, or others. The victim mentality is a corruption of power, one that breeds mediocrity, not individual empowerment.

2) Bigotry is Universal – We are all bigots. It is part of our in-group/out-group preferences built deep into our psychology by evolution. It is unavoidable. The real question is how we act on that innate bigotry. In a Progressive/SJW/Feminist world, the idea is that some forms of bigotry are socially acceptable. Okay to act upon, in response to some perceived historic slight. Some individuals are shamed or punished for their behavior, purely based on their group membership, while members of other groups are absolved of such criticism for the same behavior. But this is an affront to Classical Liberalism, and thus an affront to Red Pill Liberalism.

3) Truth is Always Interpreted – The truth is never directly observable … it is always interpreted. As such, the true danger lies not in the “other side” of the debate, but in extremism in any form. Extreme interpretations of the truth serve as vehicles to limit the freedom of individuals. Moreover, they undermine the strength of the principles we espouse from within. It is often not the storm, but the cracks within your own walls, that prove your undoing.

4) Everything in This World is about Power – Even things that claim to not be about power, like feminism or SJWs or Progressivism, are really about power. Turning their “position of weakness” into strength, into control. A corrupted form of power. But power nonetheless. The problem is that many fail to see the power struggle that lies beneath. Why? Because they have grown soft, too trusting, too gullible. Freedom gave them the opportunity to indulge their own feelings absent of reality. Absent of the harsh truths of life. Absent of the power struggles most face. And their naivety leads to disillusionment. Ironically, those who benefit most from freedom are often the worst defenders of it. Red Pill Liberalism explicitly recognizes that power is inherent to all things … and that any situation of “equal power” is an inherently unstable situation. Inequality is inescapable … rather, the goal should be to empower individuals to help themselves. Teach a man to fish, rather than simply giving him a fish.

“The impediment to action advances action … that which stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” – Oscar Wilde

Or to put it simply, such Individualism requires strength and awareness, NOT weakness and victimhood. Only then is an individual’s full potential achievable. To quote Pook from the Book of Pook:

“The difference is simple,” said the Pook. “The first young man is facing TOWARDS infancy. The second young man is facing AWAY from infancy. The first one wishes to climb back into the womb; the second one wants to fly from it. The first wishes a cushioned place in the world while the second one leaves the cushions behind. The first one is ordinary; the second one is extraordinary. Thus, the second one becomes the Great Catch while the first one merely becomes a filler of a void.”

Red Pill Liberalism is a doctrine of strength, a rejection of the “victim mentality” so prevalent in the modern West, a rejection of Progressivism. It is about true Classical Liberals reclaiming Liberalism from the Progressives. Reasserting the principles of Adam Smith, John Locke, and Voltaire … free speech, free markets, due process, individual rights over all the Identity Politics bullshit.
It is based on four principles:

1) Individualism

2) Bigotry is Universal

3) Truth is Always Interpreted

4) Everything in This World is about Power

Progressives are NOT liberals … they basically violate every tenet of liberalism. They were able to hijack liberalism with the rise of cultural Marxism during the 20th century. Which just goes to show you: The danger is not from the “other side”, it is extremism in any form. The Horseshoe Theory is a very real thing.

Any Red Pill man in this environment has to ask tough questions about the reality of the “issues” of the day. They need hard edges, unwithering frame in the face of all storms. Individualism cannot exist without such a mentality, and nor Liberalism without it. Freedom is a thing that derives from boundaries.

Hom, that's kinda funny seeing as segments of the security agencies are implicated in the deep state conspiring to shape a narrative. I don't think it's reasonable to paint any conjectures with a broad brush. and anyone who does is complacent in obscuring the truth by manipulating free discussion among rational people with an attempt to make speculations shameful. even when such historical speculations have proven to be on point. the dangerous situation is when any people's are muzzled and thoughts policed.
That article is exactly what you would expect when a conspiracy theory gets close to becoming mainstream belief
That article is exactly what you would expect when a conspiracy theory gets close to becoming mainstream belief
That is exactly the issue and why it is so dangerous...entirely, almost all, of the popular conspiracy theories that become “mainstream beliefs” are totally without merit and people form opinions and make important decisions based on fiction.
Are they totally without merit though? who is the authority who decides? Many times I see "debunkers " grasp onto some ridicules aspect of a conspiracy while completely ignoring the bigger implications and collaborations. like pizza gate everyone hones in on a single pizza parlor in DC that is not the core of the widespread evidence of human trafficking and organized sexual abuse. this effectively shuts down any questions about illicit behavior in elites.