Daytona Voted One Of Florida’s Friendliest Cities For Visitors



Daytona Beach, FL – A digital magazine recently took a look at the World’s Most Famous Beach and found out that it ranks as one of Florida’s friendliest cities for visitors.

That came from Trips to Discover’s study “The Most Visitor Friendly Florida Cities,” which ranked 126 different cities around the Sunshine State.

According to Dayne Ford, the founder and CEO of Trips to Discover, it’s a very unique study in the way that it’s “open-ended.” Ford says that they didn’t make a list of cities for their audience to vote on. But instead, the list was made after they polled their audience and found out what their favorites cities were.

“We really wanted to peel back the layers of vacations that people are taking to various cities and understand why they enjoyed their stay,” Ford said to News Daytona Beach.

Their study shows that 126 different Florida cities received votes in the survey. 79% of participants voted for a city they did not live in, 55% voted for a city they visited last year, while 20% visited within the last month.

Out of the top 20 cities that received the most votes, Daytona Beach came in at number 14, under Pensacola and above Cocoa Beach. Orlando, Miami and St. Augustine took the top three spots, respectively.

And that was only the beginning of what else they studied, according to Ford.

“We focused on three major points,” said Ford. “Whether someone felt safe, whether the locals were helpful and whether it was easy to get around.”

Daytona didn’t rank in the top five in safety or how the locals helped visitors. But, Daytona did make it to the top five of cities that were easy to get around. It came in just under St. Augustine.

Best overall feedback was another place where Daytona excelled, according to the study. In that category, Daytona Beach ranked in the top 20 at number 10. In fact, Daytona ranked higher than Orlando in best overall feedback. Orlando came in at number 19 in that category, just above Sanibel.

Jupiter topped that category, then next was a tie between St. Petersburg and Sarasota, then Pensacola.