Deltona City Commission Approves Zoning Change For Mystery Distribution Center



Deltona, FL – A zoning change was approved unanimously by the Deltona City Commission for the developer for a company interested in bringing a one million square foot distribution center to Deltona. Mayor Heidi Herzberg said that they do not know the identity of the company that will be building on the 85-acre site as the developer has a non-disclosure agreement in place.

Herzberg said at this time, they do not know how many jobs may be brought to the area but she says when you bring any type of new business to the area, jobs will be created. She said at this time, the city has not been approached for any type of incentive package. She also said the developer has already addressed a lot of the traffic issues that could be caused by this new development.

Seefried Industrial Properties, who is developing the project, said the company behind the distribution center plans to put $6 million into the roads around the area. The developer estimates that several hundred jobs could result from the project.

The second reading of the zoning change is scheduled for the Deltona City Commission’s November 4 meeting.
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