Flagler Beach Geodesic Domes, The Harmonic Convergence Ley Lines And À Buried Crystal


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The two geodesic-domed houses, totaling close to 10,000 square feet between them, have been at Flagler Beach's north end since the early 1980s. The owner says the dome will be replaced with a flat roof.
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Flagler Beach Collapses and Won’t Be Rebuilt
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I read this article several years ago and many times looked for references to it , I even went over to the little hotel near the domes asking about it one day, alas I could never again find this on the internet and a few weeks ago I found a printed copy while sorting a bunch of old paperwork to throw out, well I just heard one collapsed and I have taken the time to OCR the 3 page print out.

Is It All Just A Case Of BAD M00N MoJo?

A Legend An Ancient Prophecy Flagler Beach, The Harmonic Convergence,Ley Lines And À Buried Crystal

Editor's Note: They say that the truth is stranger than fiction. What follows is a tale that spans a 30 year period. It is a tale that encompasses historical facts and firsthand experience. Secondhand information is presented here, also, and at times this information could be inaccurate. by Richard Marcey

I used to be intrigued by a place known as"The Dome". Located in Flagler Beach,about 15 miles north of Ormond, there is a domed building well, there are actually 2 of them now that has a fascinating history. In 1971 I was in the Navy, aboard a Destroyer homeported out of Mayport Florida.
We had landed in Puerto Rico for a weekend, and just for fun I had wandered into Old San Juan and into what I'll call a voodoo shop.
To make a long story short,after asking numerous questions about the potions and charms the lady proprietor asked me if I would like to know the future.
The cost?
The price of a live chicken, which was about $1 at the time.
I decided that for a buck, this might really be interesting. So I gave her the dollar, and one of her daughters ran to a local market and came back with the chicken which was immediately beheaded and before I knew what was happening there where chicken innards scattered on a table top..
'm not really certain, but I think she was a Macombe priestess. And she told me "Yale wants you, but you have spent too much time near the Old city, much too close to the suffering mother. Your way is a long path, but you will live twice more. And you will not know peace until you face the beast. He will come when you are old agaîn."
She suddenly flicked her fingers at me, and blood splattered across my face.

Quite a tale, huh?
I thought so, too. But you know what?

In less than a year I was accepted at Yale (I couldn't afford the tuition, so....... analyze that!) . And ever since, I seem to look at things a little differently. I never went back to that little shop but I sure wish I had! Very soon after returning to Florida I started spending a great deal of time in Daytona. I loved the place, and I particularly enjoyed the ride down A1A.
On one of those trips I noticed that someone was building a geodesic dome on the beach in Flagler, and over the course of several months I began to hear rumors.The rumors had it that a doctor had a serious heart attack and was unable or unwilling to accept the limited medical treatments that were available.

So he set out to find alternative treatments, and over time had decided that a certain spot near Flagler Beach was the center of some mysterious energy that he believed could heal his heart problems.
At first he wanted to build pyramid structure, but finally decided on a geodesic design. He believed that either a pyramid or a geodesic dome would focus this mysterious energy, allowing healing to occur.
At the time, the Daytona/Flagler community was not real happy to have something or someone like this in their midst, and newspaper accounts of that time made it clear that the dome was not a welcome addition to the area.

Sometime during the. 1970's, the doctor made what was nearly a fatal mistake. The dome had been nearly completed, and he began soliciting help from various groups that can be classified as 'mystical'. The result was that he or someone associated with him issued the opinion that the dome was built over a major intersection of "ley lines", and that buried deep within the earth below the dome was a huge red crystal. This crystal was the source of the mysterious healing energy. But there was a problem! Something was wrong with the crystal, and the energy was very weak - so weak that it actually obstructed the energy flow along the ley lines.

Unfortunately, the talk didn't stop there. It went on to speculate that the entire coastline from Flagler Beach all the way to Cocoa Beach was suffering from this energy blockage - maybe even an energy drain - and that because of this, economic and social growth in those areas would lag far behind other areas in the state.
Local governments were less than pleased with public discussions such as this, because it seemed that real estate prices seemed to stagnate and in some places sink.
New businesses seemed to shun the area, and unemployment seemed to stay at high levels.From the late 70's and in to the early 80's the dome sank in to near oblivion, ostracized by the local community and scorned by most of the business and political community.

I believe it was in 1983 -just after a hurricane passed near that the US Geological Survey decided to drill off the Flagler coast and take core samples. In a startling discovery, one of the samples yielded a large quantity of quartz crystal shards, which had obviously been part of a much larger crystalline object. Some of these crystals were obtained by the dome and are on display in the crystal room.

The entire earth is said to be covered with ley lines. This series of lay lines is similar to the nerve structure in the human body. Energy flows along ley lines in much the same way energy flows across nerve structures. As you can see, the icosahedron pattern formed by ley lines is nearly identical to that used with a geodesic dome

It was strange that this news - an obvious vindication for the dome's existence - was received with hardly a whisper. Was it too late? Was the dome damaged beyond caring? Would it ever find acceptance?

Swing forward to 1987. I spent that entire year in the Big Sur area of California. The entire state was abuzz that year with talkabout the impending harmonic convergence, set to occur on August 16 thand 17th of that year. Mystics from around the entire planet seemed to be converging on areas that for centuries were considered special places of 'power,and Big Sur was one of those places.The harmonic convergence was an astronomical event - a special alignment-of all the planets in the solar system at one time. This was an event that only happens once every 25,000 years, a religiously significant event for nearly every religion in the world, and predicted by every major religion in the last 3,000 years.In Big Sur it was decided that a mass effort would be made to meditate and to pray for world peace. These people genuinely believed that a real chance was finally at hand to alter the course of human history, and to somehow make the world a better place I cannot say for certain that these methods worked. But I do know that within 2 years the Berlin Wall fell - almost overnight.And almost simultaneously, the mighty USSR voluntarily rejected communism and replaced it with a more democratic government, When taken together, these 2 occurrences changed the world, making ita far safer - and better - place to live. During the intervening 2 years, I spent some time with a few of the mystics and new agers that seem to haunt Big Sur particularly at the Esaalen Institute.
Quite often I heard conversations about the energy interruptions centered in Flagler Beach, some 3,000 miles away
And I began to hear vague speculations of a malevolent 'vortex' that psychics claimed was beginning to form around the dome structure, and nearly always a surprising amount of fear was evident. In 1991 I returned to Florida,determined to be semi-retired for as long as I had the funds
. And it was with more than mild curiosity that I visited my old haunts in Daytona and Flagler.I discovered that the prophecies had come true. Not only was the area suffering from more than 20 years of economic stagnation, but so little had changed that it seemed eerie. The ocean seemed choked with human sewage and medical waste, no longer a sparkling blue green postcard picture. In fact,while the rest of Florida was emerged in an historic era of growth, this small section of coastline was ignored.
There is a wonderful Valkyrie legend that has been handed down verbally through untold generations, and finally written down in the Great Book of Secrets" held by a secret Druid sect that has been in existence for over 3,000 can only be described as "whack-o" newage gurus. Visitors - including myself -were offended by the hand written posters (in pencil) requesting a love donation to help fund their important work, though no one ever mentioned what that is.
Not being shy, I asked about this important work. I was told by a very nice older lady that there was a"special" room located on the second floor, and that once a week a "healing circle" would meditate there. This group was limited to only women who were invited, and that the very air around the group would become supercharged with a wonderful "energy" that could actually be felt by everyone in the room, spreading a soothing healthy feeling. I said I wasn't shy, and over the objections of this nice lady, I climbed the stairs to this "special" room. The room consisted of a few small tables where tarot cards were being read, and where a palmist was reading for a customer. I really tried, but I just couldn't feel the powerful energy shehad described. Perhaps because I was a male?

The dome is still there, surrounded by all the beauty of the Flagler coastline, yet rotting away. There is a new Dr. somebody there now,gracing the dome with the full weight of his academic credentials, and offering his amazing new age invention to any who will listen. Yes,the mystical healing power of magnets is certain to be a surefire winner But that's not the end of the story! No, not at all. In fact, I feel kind of privileged to offer a different insight into the history of the Flagler area, and a unique perspective that is known to only a handful

There is a wonderful Valkyrie legend that has been handed down verbally through untold generations, and finally written down in the"Great Book of Secrets" held by a secret Druid sect in existence for over 3,000 years. The how, where and when of learning this legendis worthy of a book by itself, but for here I will just summarize The Valkyrie of myth and legend were a warlike tribe of women. By all accounts, they were feared, and even revered. For example, the Vikings believed that upon their honorable death (in battle), the Valkyrie would come and transport the body across the river Styx to the land of Valhalla, a warrior's paradise.

Legend has it that the Valkyrie were not only of a fierce warriors who reviled men.
They were also known as selective breeders, mating with only the most deserving men.
They had several hopes for this effort, but the legend asserts theValkyrie valued male children, and founded several unique efforts that echo down through time. Male children of the Valkyrie were judged by a tribal council at about the age of 11 or 12. Those with an aptitude for study and learning were given over to the Druids - and here the legend is quite specific - to become what we like to call a "sorcerers apprentice". The Druids, of course, were not magicians. Instead they were considered wise, educated, and well traveled. As a matter of historical record,many Druids were trusted advisors to kings and queens, dispensing sage advice and advancing the fields of science and art. The"apprentices" then, were really being groomed for these positions with the hope, the legend says, of the Valkyrie gaining influence around the world.
Imagine that for a moment. In a clearly male dominated world, the Valkyrie were trying, and may well have succeeded, in bringing a female influence to the very heart of governments. But something much more interesting was in store for the male children who did not meet this criteria. These children were to be taken by boat out to sea in search of a desolate land where they would be put to shore and left to fend for themselves. To these male children was given a darkly crafted task. They were taught various techniques of theft and robbery and set loose upon the land to steal and rob.
They were after gold, and only gold. And when they had collected enough - each had to collect their weight in gold - only then could they return home. Here again, the legend is quite specific. These children became wandering bands of thieves,and over the centuries became known as the"gypsy bands". The legend asserts that these gypsy bands scattered around the world, and exist to this day But for those who succeeded, the legend reveals a startling conclusion.
The Valkyrie believed that gold was the singlesource of the cruelty and corruption of mankind. They believed that the very essence of gold exerted an unseen force that "affected and infected" any man that came into prolonged contact or exposure, As proof, the legend maintains that if a sufficient quantity of gold is buried or hidden, any man within close proximity would soon turn violent and aggressive.
However, once lured away from close proximity of the hidden gold, the man would revert to being more reasonable and less aggressive. Any unsuspecting, and unawaremale of any age could be used to perform this test. The legend goes on to warn those who perform the test not to inform the male after the test, lest he turn murderous. Thus, the Valkyrie set about ridding the world of a clear danger. The Valkyrie themselves made war against powerful (and therefore wealthy) tribes, happy to relieve them of their burdensome and troublesome gold. The Valkyrie believed that pure gold, such as the nuggets shown, held powerful healing energies. However, refining the altered its healing properties into an energy that poisoned the soul.

The Valkyrie children who returned (considerably older) with their weight in gold faced a fearsome fate.
They were slain, and their body and the gold they brought with them were loaded on to a raft that was towed out to sea and set ablaze.
The gold was safely scattered across the ocean floor, forever out of the reach of man.

Although I've covered some of the basics of this legend there is much I have left out. However, there is one part that remains that, amazingly, concerns the present time and the coastline of Florida.
The written legend contains a prophecy concerning a great undiscovered land that one day will become the center of the world.
The people of this new land will become obsessed with amassing the greatest wealth the world has ever known.
But, warns the legend, there is a price to pay for this great wealth, and that price would be biblical in proportion..
Over time, the people of this great land would spread their infection to all the corners of the world, and they would become the most feared, and most hated nation ever known.
The huge concentration of gold would poison the souls of these people, and they would become blind to their own greed.
For many generations they would gather more and more gold, and eventually the very earth itself would become poisoned.

The prophecy indicates that a great finger of the new land would weaken and rupture, and begin spewing "the urine of the Beast, and even the gods in heaven will gaze down upon the wrought by man".

Furthermore, the people will forever deny the evidence of this great evil to the "instant of their death", persecuting any who would step forward with the truth.
Finally, one day a "golden warrior" will appear, and seize the humble "temple,which had suffered much shame.
And he will destroy the old city, and pave it over with the purest gold", healing the open sore afflicting the earth.

In conclusion. I would like to say that, mest of the quotations I have used represent my attempt to paraphrase from memory. Although I was able to read a translation of the legend, at the time I considered it only a wonderful story. I doubt that I will ever have the chance again to read the legend, and I have had to rely on memory. And over a 30-year period the memory tends to fade. I can well imagine that most readers will be fascinated by this article. And for most, that's all it is - an article. But there is more here - much more than meets the eye.

If the final prophecy from the Valkyrie legend holds true few people will be swayed to open their mind to what has been presented here But for me it is much more personal.
Nearly everything that shopkeeper in Puerto Rico told me has come true.
What remains is my having to "face the Beast", whatever the beast turns out to be.
And for over 30 years I have watched and waited in near silence the unfolding nature of the Flagler coastline.
Without exception, every psychic I've ever met with any real gift has demonstrated a very real fear of the area, and are usually confused by their own reaction.
And they all avoid that area - like a plague.

Over the years I have entertained a lot of people with my tale, in much greater detail than presented here. Most were intrigued and for a few days, at least,are caught up in their own fantasies.And a few have shown genuine anger that someone like me would spout such rubbish. As for me.... well, let's just say that fora long time now, I've tried to do what I could to delay what I think is inevitable. I doubt that I'll live to see most of the prophecy unfold. But it is something I've come to believe will happen. Those who know me can tell you that I do not own anything made from refined gold - at least I try not to. But I do keep a small sack of gold nuggets. I know they're real, and unrefined because I panned for them myself.
And I vouch to their healing properties based on direct experience. I am the only person I know who ever suffered a serious heart attack,and successfully refused medical care or medication for over 14 years.

So again,the old lady was right. I have lived twice already, with one more life to go.the old lady was right. I have lived twice already, with one more life to go.So you've heard my story. And I've shared with you a little prophecy, and a bit of legend. From time to time, I hope you'll remember what I've said, and think about it. That is, after all, the reason I wrote it.


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I found it pretty darn bizzare, Sadly they designed those on a V2 geodesic and then comprised the structure further with the large windows. With just a little more math and saw blades they would have been far more appealing and structurally sound. the V6 uses 9 lengths of sections instead of three but comes much closer to the buckyball carbon fiber type linkage that closer approximates a sphere and could have offered some phenomenal glazing options that would reflect that inherent natural beauty. But that is just another wonderful example of how far we have progressed in the last 40 years of my adulthood.

I do think that our coast is special, exactly what makes us special is not clear. But I do think there may be a connection between cochina exposed on the beach and lightning intevels and intensity.
Understanding energy flow , magnetic eddies in the core and gravity's relationship to it all Is a hobby and a deep rabbit hole that physics is yet to master . but we are getting closer.

While I can certainly accept that some local conditions of the natural environment could cause effects, I highly doubt anyone has ever fully understood and mapped the causes.

It was exactly the sort of content that advanced this sort of kooky crap as science on hist and discover....,. that made me abandon all TV nearly 20 years ago.
Thankfully spared "reality TV depreciation"
Hell we cant even accept an erosion theory and new approach to a solution for the beach. OR even implement the extremely obvious.

Of course I guess that could be an effect of the bad mojo magnet