Flagler Spirits?


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forgive me if this has already been posted (searched and did not find)

I just discovered Flagler Spirits, a distillery located in Palm Coast.
They make Rum, Vodka, and Whiskey with local produce (like potatos).
I don't drink so was hoping if someone else had tried it could tell me if it is worth buying as a unique gift. :cheers:
Would hate to give to someone and it was lousy! :stink:


I spoke at length to the owner a couple of months ago. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and is passionate about what he does. He claims a family lineage going back over 150 years of "Shine"making.

I had a sample of his whiskey, although strong, was certainly sippable. I would not hesitate to purchase his products. As far as better than others, it depends on individual taste and what they consider "Good" or "tasty".

Most people, especially when it comes to alcohol, have little knowledge, beyond marketing hype. Here is what you can count on. His equipment makes small batches, which means it is all single barrel style taste.

If you like the idea of supporting local business, having a unique "local" type gift that you can not get anywhere else, then your purchase is bound to be a winner.


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My husband tried some of the whiskey at Woody's. He said it was like moonshine. Don't know if he'd ever buy a bottle of it, although he does like moonshine. It's nice that they serve it at Woody's so people can try it before they buy it.


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I just saw a movie, "Winter's Bone" (DVD) that has a sub-text of what today's product has replaced moonshine. A simple movie that I felt compelling. Basically the story line takes place in a rural setting where a 17 year old girl cares for her siblings and her mother. Father has put up the home/land as bond for a criminal case and he has gone missing. The girl sets out to find him.
This may belong in the entertainment section but I was motivated (and surprised) about the sequing from moonshine to other drugs.


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Thanks! I will give it a go. She drinks Vodka mostly, and is down visiting from Maryland. Something to send back with her for the New Year!
Happy New Year All!!!! :happydance: