Go Camping on the Suwannee River


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You can experience the history and natural beauty of the Suwannee River – and feel transported back in time – by plying the waters on any number of scenic day paddling trips or extended journeys of up to 170 miles along the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail.
History & Nature
The park contains over 1,800 acres of natural
Florida with many features such as sinks, streams,
springs, limestone outcroppings and the rivers.
The park has an abundance of plant and animal
species including gopher tortoise, fox, deer, song
birds, wildflowers and diverse native forests. The
protected Gulf Sturgeon and other fishes and
reptiles are abundant in the river.
Early use by Native Americans dates back some
12,000 years. While under Spanish control, the
passage of De Soto’s party occurred in 1540.
During 1818 Andrew Jackson lead American
forces through this area searching for Indian
strongholds, believed responsible for raiding
Vestiges of history in the park show how important
the Suwannee River was to Florida history.
One can find an earthworks mound built during
the Civil War to defend the railroad crossing
that supplied confederate troops. The Battle of
Olustee in February 1864 turned back Union
forces heading west to destroy this bridge. The
town of Columbus, established in 1841, was also
located here. This town once prospered from river
steamboat traffic carrying passengers and freight.
The Columbus Cemetery, one of the state’s
oldest, and old stagecoach road, a major 1800s
route of travel from Pensacola to Jacksonville, can
still be visited in the park’s sandhills. Steamboats,
railroads, timber, sawmills and cotton made the
area reach its “golden period” from 1867 to 1900.
Initial acquisition of the park took place in 1936
and was formally opened in 1951.
Florida State Parks
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Recreation and Parks
Suwannee River State Park
3631 201st Path
Live Oak, Florida 32060


Welcome to Suwannee River State Park, where
the scenic Withlacoochee River joins the historic
and world-renowned Suwannee River. A rustic
overlook provides a panoramic view of the rivers
and surrounding wooded uplands.
Located on the Suwannee River Wilderness
Trail, visitors can enjoy a lazy day paddling trip
or a multi-day adventure. They can take scenic
photographs or relax on beautiful white sand
river banks.

boat ramp
is available for various watercrafts
and canoes can be rented at the park. Special
services are also available from local outfitters to
meet specific needs.
Visitors can enjoy
the river for their
favorite catch. (A Florida freshwater fishing license
may be required.)
The park has 30 campsites for both tent and
. Each site has a picnic table, grill,
clothesline, 50 amp service, water and sewer
hook-up. Accessible showers are centrally located.
Firewood and ice are available on-site.
Two youth camps with restrooms and showers
are available for large groups. The day-use
area has tables, grills, two picnic shelters and a
shady playground is located nearby.
Five full service
, which sleep 6, include
a dishwasher, fireplace, and large screened porch.
Please note that pets are not allowed in
the cabins.
Interpretive labels explain various park plants and
animals for those who take the
self-guided tour

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