Hidden Treasures of Flagler County: Salvo Art


Flagler County is a town full of treasures that students are unaware of. Treasures where they can do something they love. This is a series called Hidden Treasures of Flagler County. Dreams are something everyone has, but not everyone peruses. A young man’s dream became Salvo Art[SUP]INC[/SUP].

An Artistic Life
It all started with a dream of a young artist by the name of JJ Graham, a child with a passion for art. “My earliest interest in art was comic book illustration. I used to take the newspaper and draw the comics.” JJ grew up with a strong passion for art. When he grew older, he graduated high school and enrolled in a small community college called Johns Community College where he majored in art.
To JJ, “Art is something that reflects passion and visions of the hand that made, whether it be a sculpture, or music, anything can be taken to the level of art.”

JJ has a clear fire and love for art. It is who he is, and who he always will be.
JJ says, “ Art is how you craft your life, it’s following your dream.”

To pursue his dream, he opened Salvo Art[SUP]INC[/SUP].
Born and raised in Slyvakia, Petra Iston started her artistic life by doing graphic design.
“I like beautiful things and I like being able to create beautiful things.”

Petra used to collect magazines to look at the designs of the pictures and logos. Petra then moved to the United States and
graduated from FPC. She then enrolled in Flagler College and majored in graphic design.
Petra then moved back to Slovakia and got a job at an advertising agency as her first job.
“That was a big accomplishment to me. It was really awesome.”

Petra has always wanted to challenge herself, so she decided to try another form of art. Then one day she walked into JJ Graham’s art gallery, and to Petra, “It was a breathe of fresh air.”
Making Dreams Come True
Salvo Art[SUP]INC [/SUP]was created so that artists could come and express themselves, and that’s all JJ wanted to provide to the youth of Flagler County. Classes will be Wednesday or Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. There is a tuition price that hasn’t been worked out yet, but JJ says, “We don’t want to turn down young kids for financial reasons. Just show us your portfolio and show that you have a passion for art.”
JJ doesn’t do it for the money, nor does he do it to become the next best art teacher. He does it simply because, “Writing is a passion for me, and it is something I hope to share with the youth of our community.”
JJ feels that, “With 22 years of experience teaching, and experimenting with multiple techniques, I feel like I have a lot to share. I share the idea that I can learn from them and they can learn from me.”
This is an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of art and explore who they are as an artist. The art class is open to everyone. JJ’s only requirement is that students must have an interest in art and the creative process. JJ tries to teach
them the basics of drawing, paining, and design. He is passionate about teaching the kids to think outside the box, and to be themselves.
“The interesting thing about art is that there is no right or wrong way to make art. Just express yourself.”
Salvo Art[SUP]INC[/SUP] also hosts a “come in and paint” day, on the first Saturday of ever month. This day is open to all youth to come and paint. “Even if I’m only providing an area for kids to come and draw, I am still making a difference. Environments can affect people in many ways; I like mine positive. So it would shellfish to keep it to myself.”
JJ and Petra’s ultimate goal is to create a culture in Palm Coast.
“Palm Coast is a relatively new town, and we are still building the town’s culture. It’s not like New York, where there is an expectation to hold ourselves to. We can make the culture in our town whatever we want it to be, and that’s inspiring.”



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