Hilton Daytona


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This Thanksgiving we went out with friends to the Hilton on A1A in Daytona for dinner. Reservations were made a couple of weeks ago. We checked the menu as it was a buffet, turkey , ham, fish, crab legs, shrimp, prime rib, all the associated foods that go with thanksgiving dinner as well as deserts. That at the time of the reservations was $45.00. per person or $90..00 a couple. So we go through the line and get some food. Bottom line, it was absolutely horrible. The prime rib, a favorite of mine as way over done, thinly sliced and tough as hell. The turkey was dry and tough. The ham was okay but nothing great. The deserts were also okay with the exception of the apple cobbler the crust didn't seem cooked. We ended up making a meal of the shrimp and dip. The waitress, who we saw twice poured two cups of coffee and that was it. Oh, she brought the check which amazingly had jumped to $155.00 per couple. The meal had become $55.00 per person. They also added a 20% tip for the waitress as well as tax and so on. I've no problem with tipping a waitress. I tip them 20% cash so they don't have to pool or declare it for tax's. I take exception to being told I am tipping a waitress that poured 2 cups of coffee better than $20.00. Tips are commensurate with service imo. Remember this was a buffet, we carried our own food.

Bottom line, we managed, after a 1/2 hour go 'round with the manager to get the price reduced to it's advertised price. The manager as we were leaving said he hoped we'd visit them a gain. Asked him if he knew what fat chance means.

Seriously, it was the worst meal I've had in forever. Any place in Flagler Beach puts out better food daily.