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Image_0.jpgI have at times been called stupid and not knowledgeable about the Florida Gun laws. In 1987 Florida passed a law that made Florida a preemptive State when it comes to Guns. That means that no other Government or appointed official in the State of Florida can make any law, ordinance, or post any sign that pertains to weapons and firearms. At times I am asked if it is okay to fire a firearm on your own property even if it is in a residential area. The answer to that question is, "yes".

For me personally I would not do this. It is my choice. In fact the picture in the News Journal does not look all that safe to me. The sides appear to be wide open and pose a threat to ricochet off property. You cannot find it in the State statutes as such. You can find what you cannot do. It is what you cannot do that tells you what you can do. Strange, Right? But that is the way it is. So the next time a law enforcement officer or county Sheriff tells you you cannot fire your pistol on your own property which is next to a day care center you now can tell them to call the State's Attorney or arrest you so you can make a lot of money by suing them. There was a new law in 2011 that put the teeth into the 1987 law. Not much enforcement was ever done and most every local government ignored the 1987 law and wrote their own. Now the official or appointed/hired person writing such gun ordinances/laws can be personally held responsible for disobeying the law and can be jailed and fined. The fine has to be paid out of the pocket of the person violating the law. Not one penny can come out of the pocket of the taxpayers pockets! Nice right?

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I agree and I wish I could target practice on the two lots I live on with 4 wooded empty lots to the north of me. BUT, The neighbors might have a shit fit and well, you know how cops and unkown 'gun firings' go LOL. BUT, I will pull out my revolver if need be for Pigmies, etc. that may be threatening my pets. I do have a real nice CO2 .45 style BB pistol and it works great for those darn moles that dig up the lawn all the time. Still sounds like a small .22 cal. though. Others may not know that it is also legal to walk around your yard with an exposed holstered firearm but do not leave your yard unless you are walking to a lake with a fishing pole in hand.. You also may carry an exposed holstered firearm when going to or from a fishing site, camping site or a hunting site. I have heard about a person walking into Walmart 'holstered and exposed, to buy hunting gear and ammo but I believe that is pushing your luck a bit. Plenty of YouTube videos on exposed holstered firearms legally being carried in Florida. Even some showing nervous and uneducated cops, but in the end, all went well after a phone call to the Chief.


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while I wouldn't do it although I have an Idea situation too, I appreciate the guys and gals that keep the door open by expressing their rights in a safe manner.
None the less I would get concerned if I heard gunfire in the area.

Speaking of, I have a 50 cal Ky. long rifle (black powder) I am just itching to shoot but have no Idea were to go.