Jellyfish stinging beachgoers by the hundreds

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Around 600 people reported being stung by jellyfish along Central Florida's beaches over the weekend, and several hundred more reports have come in during the week.
If you've gone to the beach in the last week, there's a good chance you might have left with some pain.
Jellyfish continue to be a problem all along Central Florida's Atlantic coast, with hundreds of people saying they've been stung over the last several days.
Officials said around 600 beachgoers reported being stung over the weekend, and several hundred more reports have come in since Monday.
And those numbers are just the ones who told lifeguards. Officials said it's likely many more people were stung, and just didn't report it.
Along with the jellyfish are sea lice, jellyfish larvae that can get into your swim suit and be extremely uncomfortable.
So what should you do if you're stung?
"Go the nearest lifeguard," said Capt. Tammy Marris, with the Volusia County Beach Patrol. "If you can't find a lifeguard, go get some vinegar, white vinegar. You can put that on it, and it can usually alleviate the sting."
Marris said if you see jellyfish washed ashore, stay away from them.
"The ones on the beach can sting you," she said. "They still have tentacles attached to them."
Florida's not the only site of a jellyfish invasion. There have also been reports of problems along the Gulf coasts of Alabama and Mississippi.
With more onshore winds expected this week, officials said they expect the unpleasant problem to continue.

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