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Filipino Fast Food?

We were skeptical first, however some of the YT videos we watched were promising.

Drive-thru service was super-fast and Covid friendly. We ordered spaghetti w/ chicken dippers, and palabok. For dessert we opted for the peach-mango pie and Halo halo. First off, this ain't finger/hand food. No dine-in due to Covid, so we ate in the truck.

The spaghetti is not what most of us are familiar with. It's loaded with slices of ham, ground meat, and hotdog. Then topped with sauce and cheese. It's savory/sweet and quite tasty. I was diggin' the hot dogs in there. Somehow it just worked.

Palabok is traditional Filipino noodle dish covered in garlic sauce, crushed pork rind, shrimp, and egg. The rice noodle were tender and properly cooked. The sauce isn't spicy but it's very flavorful and doesn't take away from the other ingredients. My fave so far.

Sorry, but the chicken dippers were just chicken tenders with a seasoned breading. Very ho-hum. The peppery gravy was nice for dipping.

The peach-mango pie was out-of-this-world-freaking-amaze-balls!! Remember back in the day when Mickie D's deep fried their fruit pies? Hot, molten pie filling! The peach was subtle and not artificial tasting. The mango melded well with the peach. Somewhat chunky. Gimme 3 of these and a tall glass of cold milk. Ahhhh.

The Halo halo is a very busy and filling dessert drink. It has mung, garbanzo and white beans, shaved ice, coconut, evaporated milk, colored gelatin, jack fruit, sweet banana, two flavors of ice cream and caramel flan. Quite amazing with all the flavors. Excellent as a meal or snack on its own. The halo halo needs time to savor and analyse.

All-in-all, this was some decent, but different fast food. I see why it's such a hit in the Philippines. While it may not be exactly the same, it's a very good alternative. We'll be back.

Spaghetti w/ chicken dippers


Halo Halo