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signed, Pee Wee Herman!

No seriously, i feel bad for that kid, he is obviously really hurting,, dang bike thief!
Re: Congratulations, you Observant Sleuth

More Specifically: a BRONX (N.Y.) location! :peace:
:rockon: the message immediately above the bicycle posting shows phone numbers having AreaCodes 718 and 917 -- they are assigned to the NYC borough known as The Bronx.
I heard that the girl who lost her bicycle decided to :juggle: go fly her kite at Pelham Bay Park but had to call 911 (NOT an AreaCode) because of breathing-problems;
yep, the EMT's arrived and
immediately diagnosed her condition: BronxItis. :footinmouth:

And when they arrest the thief he'll do his time on Bikers Island.
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Re: Good Comeback Puns, CF

(i know a PC resident who worked Rikers Island [prison]; GREAT pun, Crimefighter!)
And during his half-way-house release program, will he be PEDALING his goods on the street?
And during that Probationary period, don't look for him at McSorley's Pub because he can't:

WOW....:clap2: that was off the CHAIN
Re: TRY Again, rookie tailteaser (don't stop)

nice try, but SUCH a feebull connection.
IF you decide to challenge the DieselFitter about Puns:
1. "feebull" = it's gonna cost-ya.
2. you'd better GEAR up and RALLY your friends (all 1 of him);
3. bring your LANCE because my typing is getting better, since my ARM is STRONG'
4. should we ask somebody to film the Competition and post it on youTUBE?

{just when we thought the Puns were all-used-up}

You SPOKE too soon but i'll give you a BRAKE. You may feel your ARM is STRONG but sooner or later you'll TIRE and take a SEAT
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The crank is what the pedal is connected to. It's the bar that is welded to the sprocket. Now before this gets ugly lets take time to REFLECT on the fun it's been
But on his way to the stand he lost his bearings.
After looking around he did get a handle on his situation, and coasted through the testimony.
Oh now your just a coaster.....brake it off, Your smarter than that!
however don't forget to examine the flowers on the way they have great "stems"
A reflector thought it was a real tassel to find another pun, but if you do fender to this thread if your cable.
This thread has really been derailleured front to rear, it has really made us reach deep in the Head Tube, I am leaning on the edge of my seat posting away, you go to top tube and find a video that spoke nipple the way I cassette.
You can come look at it from my chair but my seatstays Here.
I don't want to be a rear dropout ill try to make sure this chainstays moving, you might have to adjuster barrel if you don't want the chainring to bolt. get on you crankset and Go. I'm out for a quick releaese as my brake pad is worn out and Im tasseled.
I'd say we have Ramped up to the challenge so let see how far you can jump.
And children this is why it is so important to wear your helmet!
To keep from getting hit by these flying "Pun Intended" posts
Careful with all that jumping...You try too hard to clear the *ramp*, you might just send one of your *pegs* spinning off into oblivian...then you'll lose the challenge!
Nah He's just waiting for someone to come with the key for his BIKE LOCK, unCHAIN, his BIKE from the RACK, and set him free!.. We call that arrested development (heheheh)