Need Recommendations for a Cleaning Lady/Service


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Be careful. We had a mother and daughter for a couple of months. I saw right away they where scewing things up but not my hubby. He finally decided he had to continue to listen to me or get rid of them. They are gone.

Wiped the baseboard down with BLEACH< so now the paint in the bathroom is gone, broke several minor things, used way too much bleach. (you don't clean with bleach it does not do that job right)

I would love to find someone to come in and help me once a month but I know that s not going to happen.


I just had major surgery and had to hire someone to clean. They came this week for the first time and I am happy so far. I am using Dust Divas 386-283-1113. I think they are on the expensive side put I am only going to need the for 4-6 weeks and will pay it since I am unable to do anything myself.


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I like using Merry Maids or Cleaning Authority or some other cleaning company as the staff are their employees and you don't incur the tax/insurance liabilities as an employer. Also, the cleaning folks are bonded and insured. However, I don't think that they can be set up for a twice weekly cleaning and their cleaning routines are pretty regimented and not too flexible. E.g., you can't have them clean the fridge out or do the ironing. I used Merry Maids when I lived in Louisiana for about 8 years and once I retired, thinking there was no reason why I'd need a cleaning service, i came down with this severe arthritis in my knees and decided that if I wanted a spic and span house, I'd have to again employee a cleaning service. I chose the Cleaning Authority which uses all "green" products and I enjoy having them come once every 2 weeks and along with them, I can have my spic and span house which is important to me.