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The internet support is horrible. Replaced a hard drive on my tower and wanted to set up outlook email. Why you might ask, 'cause I use it as a xtra. Anyway, long story short. Called them this morning 45 minutes playing on hold until I get a tech in the Philippines who has no English capabilities. I hang up call back and screw around for 50 minutes to again end up in the pacific, this bozo gives me a new password and hangs up. So I mess with the new password that gives me a message that it isn't recognized. I'm a glutton for punishment, so I call again, 30 minutes this time, again back to the Pacific. This girl tells me that the servers have been down for 4 days because of the migration from BH to Spector. WTF!!! I'm over the edge. I try BH email and it works. So I call again now it's 430 I've blown the day being messed with by these incompetent people. I'm floored when a English speaking woman answers and tells me she's in Melbourne. At this point I'm ready to buy her dinner 'cause I can understand her. Anyway she says she hadn't heard about a server problem and didn't show one on her screen. She had me up and working in about 10 minutes!!

So the point of this rant is, if you have to call tech support and they are in the Philippines, hang up and call again. You'll be able to tell if they are because you can't friggin' understand them!!


That's what happens when you ship jobs overseas. But you should feel good, at least they have a job there. Might not be much, but better then nothing.


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Why would you use you isp's Email server? You were asking for trouble¡ go daddy has private mail servers dirt cheap in a domain you have absolutely full control over. ASK HILLARY :)

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