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Not sure if he is up to it but I think [MENTION=7]C~Scape[/MENTION] has some tile experience.
We let ours go too long and am now going to have to do the entire thing.
Which I don't mind because I hate the tile that is in there now.


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I'm Confused, I never used Angies list, what do they guarantee?
I see this info page on tile

and the guy they have listed has 8 reviews, but I can't see the reviews so I tried to join thinking that it was a members only thing and they want bloody 10.00 a year to be a member. Screw that.
This does not look like a great bargain to be honest $320 Handyman for the Day

so I did a search for the guy they have listed Cory Nolte Home Repair and the only thing significant I found was the attached pdf

It appears he is a sheet rock contractor and got fined by the FLAGLER COUNTY CONTRACTOR REVIEW BOARD for finishing someone elses tile job.

This guy may be great at what he does whether sheet rock Tile or otherwise but absolutely nothing about Angies list or the review board gives me confidence in the quality of the work or the qualifications to do it.

So do you need a contractors license to give any quote on a home repair even if it does not include electric or plumbing? What the hell happened to right to work ? I don't mind some regulation to protect homeowners but it annoys me that these boards focus on paper work and not on the actual job at hand and to see some of the crap that has passed inspection here gives me very little confidence in that either.

Here's the Deal for you, Holy Crap 150.00 a Man Hour they have to be joking I have done work that includes twice the labor plus materials for half that. And it wasn't some brain dead stone without supervision. 50.00 a man hour is a reasonable price for skilled labor


  • $1,499 for five hours of yard clean-up with two workers; any additional time needed can be purchased for an additional $50.00 per hour

Do I need a license to rent myself as a good friend who will protect your interest from contractors who don't care or give you a hand with a home project.