Stavros Pizza House IV, Ormond by the Sea

Stumpy McDugal

Cracker OG
Staff member
Located in a all-too familiar strip mall, Stavros has been there since 1984, and it shows.

It smells heavenly when walk in, just like a pizza joint should. It was busy at 530pm on a Monday. Not from table guests but from deliveries and pick-ups.

Table service was quick and friendly. We ordered their famous Greek salad, garlic knots, and sausage pizza.

The salad was served ice cold in a heaping pile of lettuce, feta cheese, and shredded meat. Throw on some calamata olives and those wonderful pepperocini peppers and you have a meal in itself. Everything was fresh. Plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

The garlic knots were served hot in a pond of melted-butter-chunky-garlic loveliness. There was a side of homemade marinara on the side, but the butter-garlic is simply heavenly. My only quibble is that they are very small. One bite wonders.

The sausage pizza was the star. The pizza sauce is also homemade and I dare to guess the sausage is as well. The seasonings in the sausage were amazing. I tried stealing some of the sausage from my better half, but was caught and threatened with violence! The crust was light and crispy and begged to be dipped in the extra marinara or butter garlic sauce.

Excellent food and service. Being open for 36 years is a testament of their quality and it shows. We'll be back.