The Good Ole Days


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I am old and can reminisce and have so many good memories back when I was a kid and a teen growing up in West Virginia. We were free as birds - went out to play and came in for meals and when it started getting dark, There was a whole lot my Mother didn’t know that I was doing. But I look at the world we live in today and I just wonder what the good ole days are going to be for the kids growing up now. It’s like we’re on a different planet.


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I think children’s lives are much more structured these days with planned activities such as sport practices/games and dance/music/gymnastics etc lessons. Both my grandboys who are now almost 22 and 27 had hours of homework nearly everyday when they were in high school.


Like K, I too had the active childhood. We had two sets of clothes, school and play. You came home did homework, changed and went out til dinner. Wanted to go somewhere, make sure there was air in the bike tires!
Summers it seems we were never indoors unless it was raining. Even then, we were busy playing not plopped in front (except Sat. morning cartoons) of a TV or video game.
Even my kids, spent most of their time outside. Walked to school or rode their bikes. But it was during their time that things began to change.
All kids had to have a participation award so feelings wouldn't get hurt.
Mom's became 'helicopter' parents and taxi drivers.
Cable TV expanded so every kid had a TV. By the time they were in their early teens, computers and video games became the norm.


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My kids had pretty carefree childhoods and they either walked or cycled to school or rode the city bus to high school. I just never see many kids around in my area now. I guess they are off to some planned summer activities now. I’m sure there are activities going on for them now at the PC Center on Clubhouse. I lived for summer to come because I went to Girl Scout Camp or a camp over in Virginia. So many great memories. My kids went to camp too.