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A transgender employee hired to oversee urine tests administered to men has filed a discrimination lawsuit against a Camden drug treatment center that fired him after it confronted him about his gender last summer.

El'Jai Devoureau, 39, said Urban Treatment Associates questioned him about his gender a day after he started working in the position, which had been open only to male candidates.

"Is El'Jai a male? The employer says no, and El'Jai says he is," said Michael Silverman of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York, which filed the lawsuit Friday. "He's undergone hormone treatment and surgery."

The case challenges an employer's right to eliminate transgender candidates for positions that the law says may be gender-specific. Silverman said he was unaware of any previous transgender-discrimination case that addressed the issue.

When his employer asked about his gender after he began work, Devoureau responded, "I am a man, and I can do the job. They said, 'You're fired,' " he said during an interview Monday.

According to the lawsuit, Devoureau, of Gloucester County, was hired in June to observe men depositing urine in cups for drug analysis. The supervision is to assure that the sample is fresh and not from a different person.

The employer may require male workers for such a job, Silverman said.

In documents filed in January, after Devoureau filed a discrimination complaint with the state, the treatment center stated that it fired Devoureau because he was not a biological male. But it disputed that the termination was discriminatory.

"I've always lived as a male," Devoureau said. He has identified as male since about age 5 and has undergone treatment to transition, he said.

In 2006, Devoureau completed the documents required to change his gender for Social Security and for his New Jersey driver's license. Georgia also amended his birth certificate, he said.

After Devoureau began work, according to the lawsuit, an acquaintance recognized him and passed along to supervisors that Devoureau was physically female at birth and was transgender.

A day later, the lawsuit alleges, Devoureau was confronted by the program's director, identified as Van Macaluso. She allegedly told Devoureau that he was fired because she had been told "he was not a man, that he did not have the parts of a man, and that the job called for a biological male," according to legal documents.

Devoureau and his lawyer said they knew of no complaints about Devoureau's job performance.

A person who answered the phone at Urban Treatment Associates said that Macaluso would not be in the office until next week and that no one else could comment. The attorney representing the center did not immediately return a call for comment.

Devoureau said Monday that he filed the lawsuit to prevent transgender discrimination in the future.

"What matters is not who I am, but how I do the job," he said. "And I did that job perfectly."

"New Jersey is a national leader in transgender equality, and New Jersey is a worldwide model in protecting transgender people from discrimination," Steven Goldstein, chairman of the civil rights organization Garden State Equality, said Monday.

"We've never seen or heard of such a brazen disregard for the law," he said."



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REALLY what difference does it make who is observing the cup filling, man or women it can't be anything but awkward. maybe they should get a GAY biological male.


Sure win on this case.
All he has to do is show his surgical reciept for his: Addadicktomy:rofl:


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very funny but a little latin lesson is in store When removing the suffix is tomy (The suffix -tomy is of Greek origin, from the word tome, "a cutting".
when adding something its plasty The Greek-rooted suffix -plasty means "moulding or reconstructing surgically"
look up Phalloplasty or Metoidioplasty Scrotoplasty

Discussing the fascinating Greek and Latin roots of English vocabulary words.
-itis: disease, inflammation of

Welcome back, aficionados of Greek and Latin roots of English vocabulary words. Thank you for reading the posts of the last two weeks which discussed not only SAT words of the Greek root word pathos, but also GRE and medical vocabulary of the Greek root pathos. I have decided to move on to a new Greek root, that is, -itis, a suffix which usually indicates an inflammation of a part of the body, the main stem or morpheme of the word to which it is appended. I will spend the next two posts considering -itis and the primarily Greek main stems that go with it. Most people know the following common English words ending in the Greek suffix -itis: appendicitis, tonsillitis, tendonitis/tendinitis, Achilles tendonitis/tendinitis, laryngitis, and even such nonce words as televisionitis (a true disease) and chocolatitis! More common, however, to the physician, and perhaps not yet so common to those first-year students in medical school learning thousands of new medical vocabulary terms, are the following words ending in -itis:

peritonitis: (via the Greek root word peritonaios, stretched across; note that the primary root of this word is the Greek root word teinein, to stretch, which gives us the following English words, among many others: tendonitis, Achilles tendinitis, hypotenuse, monotonous, and tetanus): inflammation of the peritoneum, the membrance that contains the viscera and lines the walls of the abdominal cavity.

gastritis: (via the Greek root word gaster, gastros—stomach, belly {gastro-} which is the source of such English vocabulary as gastrology, gastrolith, gastronomy, gastrointestinal, and gastric): inflammation of the stomach, which can be chronic or acute, especially the mucous membrane thereof.

colitis or colonitis: (via the Greek root kolon (Gr.)—large intestine, word origin of such medical and anatomical vocabulary as colon, coloscopy, colonoscopy, colostomy,colotomy, ascending colon, descending colon, and transverse colon): inflammation of the colon.

nephritis: (via the Greek root word Nephros (Gr.)—kidney, source of the following words from anatomy and medicine: nephrology, nephron, nephrosis, nephrotomy, nephrectomy, nephrite, and nephrorrhagia): inflammation, acute or chronic, of the kidneys, caused by many different diseases or pathologies.

encephalitis: (via the Greek root word Kephale—head {cephal, cephalo-} word origin of a such English words as: cephalopod, Pachycephalosaurus, Homalocephale, Rhynchocephala, and enkephalin): inflammation of the brain.

dermatitis: (via the Greek root word derma, dermatos: skin, word origin of such English words as dermatology, epidermis, taxidermy, dermatoplasty, echinodermata, and, of course, dermatologist): inflammation of the skin, etiologies of which are legion.

rhinitis: (via the Greek root word rhis, rhinos: nose, word origin of many English words, including: rhinorrhea, rhinoscopy, otorhinolaryngology, rhinoplasty, and rhinoceros): inflammation of the nose, that is, of the mucous membranes that line the nasal cavity

bursitis: (via the first of our Latin roots...again, one can see the somewhat more limited use of Latin roots as they pertain to medical word origins...bursa: purse, source of the SAT words disburse and disbursement, as well as purse (b's often change to p's via Grimm's law), bursar, bourse, and bursectomy): inflammation of the bursae, those lubricating "sacs" that help limit friction in the body between a tendons and bones.

parotitis: inflammation of the parotid or salivary glands, those placed below and in front of each ear; a more common word for this pathology is mumps.

phlebitis: (via the Greek root phleps, phlebos: blood vessel, vein, word origin of phlebotomy, phlebology, and phlebography): inflammation of a vein.

Interested in the power of word origin? In Greek and Latin roots as the linguistic core of English vocabulary? In more SAT, GRE, and medical vocabulary that comes from such root words as teinein, to stretch; gaster, gastros: the belly; kolon: large intestine; nephros: kidney; kephale: head; derma, dermatos: skin; and rhis, rhinos: nose? All of the word roots mentioned in all my blog posts are fully fleshed out in the most comprehensive Greek and Latin roots dictionary available today; a Greek and Latin roots poster is also available, which beautifully illustrates not only the sheer power of Greek and Latin roots as they form the very semantic and morphemic structure of the English language, but also contains a prolific number of GRE and SAT vocabulary words, including a vast host of medical vocabulary.


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Pilot, train engineer, Nuclear power plant technician are a few that come to mind were we need absolute assurance of unencumbered mental faculty. Regardless of the legality of a substance.


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Discrimination against transgender people is still alive and well. Even enlightened people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept. Gender is not as black and white as modern Western civilization would like it to be, and if you know someone who is transgendered or even just dysphoric to some degree, this becomes clearer.

He should keep his job.

Flagler Live

Florida s New Gay Lawmakers

Glimmers of progress.

Florida's New Gay Lawmakers: Pride For LGBT Community, Perspective in Tallahassee
With the election of Resp. Joel Saunders of Orlando and David Richardson of Miami, Florida was one of seven states to break the straight barrier in legislatures. Nationwide, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender candidates were elected to the U.S. Senate and House, and dozens to state legislatures. With the U.S. Supreme Court considering same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama re-elected on a platform that included it, and the first openly gay lawmakers taking their seats in Tallahassee, gay voters say it s been a winning year. “We ve made a lot of progress, but we still have a long way to go,” said Rep. David Richardson, a Miami Beach Democrat, and one of two openly gay lawmakers elected this year – the first in Florida s Legislature.



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Re: Florida s New Gay Lawmakers

This is Progress Good Article
“There are many homosexual persons who just want to be left alone and just want to live their lives normally,” Stemberger said. “But what’s unfortunate, and what we aggressively oppose, is this notion of trying to transform society. And ‘gay’ as in-your-face, loud and proud, forcing everyone to buy into your assumptions about life and human sexuality. And if you don’t, we’re going to shout you down and call you a bigot.”
While I have to agree with Stemberger's sentiments he has it all wrong about who is in your face. If you advocate against same-sex marriage and adoptions. You are denying civil liberties to a section of society and in fact shoving your Ideas down everyone's throat. Your traditional "‘Hetro’ as in-your-face, loud and proud, forcing everyone to buy into your assumptions about life and human sexuality."So Yes Mr. Stemberger You are a bigot !


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Starting tomorrow, The New York Times and The Associated Press will refer to Bradley Manning as Chelsea Manning, "formerly know as Pfc. Bradley Manning," honoring the former soldier's request to be addressed as a female. Thereafter Manning will be referred to as "she."

The full memo from the AP:

Update: The following advisory was sent to AP member editors and other subscribers on Aug. 26, 2013, at 6:03 p.m.:​
The Associated Press will henceforth use Pvt. Chelsea E. Manning and female pronouns for the soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning, in accordance with her wishes to live as a woman.​
Manning announced her wishes last Thursday after being sentenced to 35 years in Fort Leavenworth military prison and a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Army for revealing U.S. secrets to WikiLeaks, the anti-establishment website.​
Manning s statement was reiterated, with additional detail, in a blog posting ((http://www.armycourtmartialdefense.info/) and an interview with The Associated Press on Monday by defense attorney David E. Coombs.​
The use of the first name Chelsea and feminine pronouns in Manning s case is in conformity with the transgender guidance in the AP Stylebook. The guidance calls for using the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth.​
The following note was sent to AP member and subscriber editors on Aug. 22, 2013, at 7:46 p.m. ET:​
The Associated Press policy as stated in the AP Stylebook is to comply with the gender identity preference of an individual.​
At this time, the AP is seeking more details about the gender change statement attributed to Pfc. Bradley Manning that was read Thursday on the “Today” show in the presence of defense attorney David Coombs. The typewritten statement said “I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female,” and asked supporters to use “my new name and use the feminine pronoun” in gender references to the U.S. Army soldier. Manning s lawyers had raised the issue of gender identity during the trial, but Thursday s statement went further.​
Manning was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in Leavenworth military prison for providing secret U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks, the anti-establishment website.​
With Manning in custody and unavailable to comment, the AP is seeking additional information about the statement from Coombs, who did not immediately respond to email and telephone messages.​
For the time being, AP stories will use gender-neutral references to Manning and provide the pertinent background on the transgender issue. However, when reporting is completed, the AP Stylebook entry on “transgender” will be AP s guide.​
That stylebook entry states: “Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly. “​
The AP​
Dawson Roebig has announced that on Saturday, April 12, there will be a positive and non-partisan gathering of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community in the Plaza de la Constitution; seeking to raise awareness about various social and legal issues.

The event will commence at Ann O Malley s Deli and Pub, located at 23 Orange Street in Saint Augustine, beginning at 11:00 a.m. with a march down St George Street to the Plaza.

“Promoting the values of justice and equality, we will have guest speakers including youth leaders, politicians, and voices in the movement,” Roebig told local news reporters. “We will speak about what we can do to make a difference.”

Visit the event page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/629873423747975/

As journalists, we would have to be living under a rock not to recognize the value of social media websites where users voluntarily provide the world with more personal information than you could ever expect to gather through the Freedom of Information Act. In Florida, although regulated by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, driver’s license and motor vehicle information is considered “public record” — however, your driver’s license photo is not. No worries, the chances are pretty good that between publicly posted mug shots and social sites like LinkedIn and facebook, with a little googling, you can find someone’s image in cyberspace.

“When investigating newsworthy events, sometimes a pretext or pseudonym is necessary to ferret out the truth,” said Michael Gold, editor of Historic City News and a Florida licensed private detective for more than fifteen years. “We also rely on confidential informants who are in a vital position to reveal facts pertaining to activity that is unethical, illegal or both. If journalists were not able to shield those confidential sources, the public would never know the extent of what was going on.”
Facebook has recently taken a lot of blow back from users for cracking down on account holders who have used other names to create their facebook profiles. In a public posting on their website yesterday, an official with the company wrote:

I want to apologize to the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and extensive community of our friends, neighbors, and members of the LGBT community for the hardship that we've put you through in dealing with your Facebook accounts over the past few weeks.
In the two weeks since the real-name policy issues surfaced, we've had the chance to hear from many of you in these communities and understand the policy more clearly as you experience it. We've also come to understand how painful this has been. We owe you a better service and a better experience using Facebook, and we're going to fix the way this policy gets handled so everyone affected here can go back to using Facebook as you were.
The way this happened took us off guard. An individual on Facebook decided to report several hundred of these accounts as fake. These reports were among the several hundred thousand fake name reports we process every single week, 99 percent of which are bad actors doing bad things: impersonation, bullying, trolling, domestic violence, scams, hate speech, and more — so we didn't notice the pattern. The process we follow has been to ask the flagged accounts to verify they are using real names by submitting some form of ID — gym membership, library card, or piece of mail. We've had this policy for over 10 years, and until recently it's done a good job of creating a safe community without inadvertently harming groups like what happened here.
Our policy has never been to require everyone on Facebook to use their legal name. The spirit of our policy is that everyone on Facebook uses the authentic name they use in real life. For Sister Roma, that's Sister Roma. For Lil Miss Hot Mess, that's Lil Miss Hot Mess. Part of what's been so difficult about this conversation is that we support both of these individuals, and so many others affected by this, completely and utterly in how they use Facebook.
We believe this is the right policy for Facebook for two reasons. First, it's part of what made Facebook special in the first place, by differentiating the service from the rest of the internet where pseudonymity, anonymity, or often random names were the social norm. Second, it's the primary mechanism we have to protect millions of people every day, all around the world, from real harm. The stories of mass impersonation, trolling, domestic abuse, and higher rates of bullying and intolerance are oftentimes the result of people hiding behind fake names, and it's both terrifying and sad. Our ability to successfully protect against them with this policy has borne out the reality that this policy, on balance, and when applied carefully, is a very powerful force for good.
All that said, we see through this event that there's lots of room for improvement in the reporting and enforcement mechanisms, tools for understanding who's real and who's not, and the customer service for anyone who's affected. These have not worked flawlessly and we need to fix that. With this input, we're already underway building better tools for authenticating the Sister Romas of the world while not opening up Facebook to bad actors. And we're taking measures to provide much more deliberate customer service to those accounts that get flagged so that we can manage these in a less abrupt and more thoughtful way. To everyone affected by this, thank you for working through this with us and helping us to improve the safety and authenticity of the Facebook experience for everyone. Chris Cox

Is facebook recognizing that, because of the volumes of personally identifiable information and images that users have provided, some may want more anonymity? Perhaps. Some say that everyone is entitled to their privacy — but not anonymity. No doubt we will see an increase in trolls who hide behind false profiles just to commit drive-by assaults in public forums.
Stories of mass impersonation, trolling, domestic abuse, and higher rates of bullying and intolerance are oftentimes the result of people hiding behind fake names, and it’s both terrifying and sad. Facebook says they investigate several hundred thousand fake name reports every single week — 99 percent of which are bad actors doing bad things: impersonation, bullying, trolling, domestic violence, scams, hate speech, and more.


Flagler Live

Cindy Robert Sullivan, a transgender man transitioning to a woman, addressed Rep. Frank Artiles and a House committee before a 9-4 vote approving a bill forbidding certain protections for transgender people.


Flagler Live

A bill by Florida Rep. Frank Artiles that would overturn local government ordinances protecting transgender use of single-sex bathrooms passed 8-3 on a party-line vote Wednesday after an impassioned discussion in a House subcommittee.


Flagler Live

Between Sen. Frank Artiles' war on transgender people and a House bill protecting discrimination against gay parents, Florida verges on making bigotry state policy again, harkening back to Jim Crow days, but against the LGBT community.



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HMMMMMMMMMm, I wonder what started this back lash.......Hmmmmmmm let's see now............ It's called DON'T START SOMETHING YOU CAN'T FINISH! :y_ice_cube:


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[h=2]The Girl Scouts of America (GSA) is the latest organization to cave to pressure from the LGBTIQA lobby, adapting its policies to extend membership to boys who identify as girls.[/h]Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America called the decision “just one more slap in the face to Christian parents.”
On the GSA website, the association states: “If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”
Girls participating in the scouts will now be obliged to recognize transgenderism as a normal lifestyle, critics say.
The conservative American Family Association expressed its outrage at the policy change, accusing scout leaders of “losing their moral compass.” This is the case of adults being “willing to experiment on our kids—both the boys who are confused and the girls who will wonder why a boy in a dress is in the bathroom with them.”
“Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young innocent girls at risk,” the group said.
This isn’t the first time that the issue of transgender boys wanting to join the Girl Scouts has come up, though such cases are fairly uncommon. In early 2012, seven-year old Bobby Montoya, who was living as a girl, was allowed to join his local Girl Scout troop in Colorado.
The GSA’s tendency toward greater permissiveness prompted the creation of a new organization in 1995, called the American Heritage Girls, “a Christ-centered alternative to Girl Scouts” that openly embraces a “Judeo-Christian focus” and a mission to build women of integrity through “service to God, family, community and country.”
Since 2003, GSA’s enrollment has dropped by over one million girls, almost 27% of its membership, a decline that critics attribute to its “lurch to the left.”
Last year, pro-lifers launched a national cookie boycott after the Girl Scouts endorsed Wendy Davis, a pro-abortion candidate for governor of Texas.

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I don't see why this can't work. Girls insist that they can play foot ball on a male team and boys insist that they should be allowed to be cheerleaders also. I think it will work out one way or another.
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Are you comparing cross dressers to male cheerleaders, that's almost as bad as the OP equating cross dressers with transsexuals LOL.
No, not at all. I was merely pointing out that male cheerleaders are nothing new and I don't believe that they ever had to fight to be accepted. In fact, girls playing football with boys also are in no way in comparison with cross-dressers or people who are transsexual-- apples and oranges.
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Obama is destroying US military’s fighting ability from within, general warns; ‘Not an accident’

President Obama‘s social experimentation is degrading the ability of the United States military to do the job it was created for, a retired two-star general said Saturday.
Taking part in a panel at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, Army Maj. Gen. Robert Dees said the Obama administration is using the U.S. military for “social engineering” and the end result is damaging the nation’s ability to defend itself, according to CNS News.
“Not only are we losing physical readiness to fight, we have to fix the problem of moral readiness,” Dees said.
Since Obama was first elected to office, restrictions have been lifted on women in combat, homosexuals now serve openly and there’s an effort currently underway to remove a ban on transgender soldiers. And the president announced on Friday the nomination of Army Acting Under Secretary Eric Fanning as the first openly gay secretary of the Army.
“I think the moral readiness of our forces is even more important than the physical readiness, which is very low,” Dees told CNS News. “The moral readiness is degraded by social experimentation within our military.”
As for experimentation, Dees said the military didn’t have much choice in the matter.
“In fact, social experimentation is improperly named because it’s not an experiment at all,” he said. “It’s a top-driven mandate for social agendas that occurs by this administration within the military, which is a captive audience.”

“It is not enhancing our readiness; it declines our readiness,” he added. “We’re spending more time on some of these social engineering projects than we are on developing and maintaining readiness in our force.”
Dees was asked what message Obama’s nomination of Fanning is sending to members of the military, especially Christians.
“Well, I think it’s a very loud statement by the administration,” he replied. “It’s not an accident. We respect all people and yet, it’s tantamount to lighting the White House in rainbow colors.”
The general explained that there is “guerrilla warfare within the military in a similar way that there’s guerrilla warfare within our culture” in undermining religious liberty.
“People who would seek to strike religion from our land are working very aggressively out in the various parts of the military to strike down religious freedoms even if it’s against the existing regulations,” Dees said. “They will press and push for whatever they can get away with.”
“Faith in the foxhole is critically important,” he added. “We in the military know that [the troops] don’t want to be politically correct, they want to be God correct.”

Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/09/27/obama-is-us-destroying-the-militarys-fighting-ability-from-within-general-warns-not-an-accident-256829#ixzz3mxlqxlGI


I hope this makes the schools better but I do not think interrogating the children and prying into their private lives just so they can play on a sports team is right. I see a large portion of the teaching staff and parents having a problem with it.