Two would-be robbers shot dead in Maypearl Texas


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Two would-be robbers are dead after an attempted home invasion in Maypearl, but the homeowner is not the one who killed them.
Investigators believe the gunmen were on a crime-spree that started outside of Oklahoma City and ended in Maypearl.
A woman was home alone when two suspects, heavily armed with guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, reportedly attempted to enter her home.
Deputies say the woman was home and heard the door knob rattling. She said she saw a man dressed in camouflage then she called her husband to alert him someone was trying to break in.
When the husband arrived home there was an exchange of gunfire. The two suspects were found dead.
The male homeowner was injured, but initial reports indicate his injuries are not life threatening.
Deputies say both men killed themselves. Police have not confirmed the identities of the intruders. One was found in a field. The other was found in a pickup truck.

Oklahoma Sheriff's Deputies said the pickup truck was stolen by 17 year old Kenneth Chafin. He's also accused of stealing nine handguns, six rifles, two shotguns, and 2,000 rounds of ammunition from his parents' home in Bethal Oklahoma along with prescription medication. Ellis County Deputies have not confirmed if Chafin was involved in the shootout.

Cindy Jacobson has lived in Maypearl most of her life and knows how long the wait can be in a rural community when you call for help. She said residents have to protect themselves.

"It took us a while to get out here. You know how far it is and we're not sure if we would have had the same outcome had the homeowners not been armed," said Lt. James Saulter with the Ellis County Sheriff's Office.

It's unclear why the two men chose the Maypearl house to attack.



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Great job by the homeowner but i think there is a little more to this story......