Uncle Stabs Nephew Over Bathroom Time



UPDATE: DeLand Police have charged 72-year-old Dan Johnson with aggravated battery in the stabbing of his nephew, 29-year-old Michael Johnson. Through interviews with both men, detectives determined that Dan Johnson has issues with how much time Michael Johnson spent in the bathroom.

The incident began after Dan knocked on the bathroom door twice, telling Michael to get out of the bathroom. The second time, Michael opened the door, saying he’d only be in there for a short time. That’s when Dan decided Michael was being “disrespectful” and stabbed him several times. Dan claimed that he felt threatened but detectives could not find evidence that Michael had verbally or physically attacked his uncle.

Dan Johnson is in the Volusia County Jail, being held on no bond.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®: https://volusia.crimewatchfl.com/delandpd/node/92097

DeLand, FL – A male in his mid-20’s is airlifted to the hospital after he’s stabbed by his uncle.

That’s according to the DeLand Police Department, who says that the stabbing occurred following a verbal altercation at a home off of East Beresford Avenue around 7:30 last night (April 23rd).

The report from DPD says that the victim was stabbed about five times by his uncle, before being airlifted to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

He is expected to survive.

Police are still investigating the incident, more details are expected to be delivered later.



Staff member
Det. Y. Sanchez responded to Halifax Hospital. At approximately 21:00 hrs, Det. Y. Sanchez made contact with Johnson in Room E51. The interview was audio recorded.
Johnson stated that earlier in the day he was at 503 East Beresford Avenue using the bathroom. Johnson stated that 503 East Beresford is his
father's house. Johnson stated that he does not live in the house, he stated that he lives out of his vehicle in the driveway.
He stated that his dad allows him to use the bathroom and whenever he has food he uses the kitchen to cook the food.
Johnson stated he was in his father's bathroom about to get in the shower, when all of a sudden his 62 year old uncle, Dan Johnson began to "bang"
on the door. Johnson stated that Dan started to yell at him to "You need to come out of the bathroom" "you've been in there too long". Johnson stated
that he told his uncle from inside the bathroom, "I just got here". Johnson stated that Dan began to "bang" on the door again a second time. Johnson
stated that Dan kept telling him to "get out of the bathroom". Johnson stated that he wrapped himself in a towel and opened the door. Johnson stated
that he told his uncle that he was still using the bathroom. Johnson stated that his uncle began to "punch" him.
Johnson stated that Dan punched him 3 to 4 times. Johnson stated that he didn't realize that Dan had a knife in his hand and had actually stabbed
him. Johnson stated that he realized he had been stabbed when he saw the knife in Dan's hand and then saw the blood on his body. Johnson stated
that he yelled for his dad, "Dad! Dad! Uncle Dan just stabbed me". Johnson stated that his father was in his bedroom when the incident happened
and his father did not see the stabbing. Johnson stated that his father came out and saw what happened. Johnson stated that his father gave him a
towel to put on the wounds. Johnson stated that he ran to the back of the house and called 911. Johnson stated that he told the 911 operator to send
someone because he had just been stabbed.
Johnson described the knife as a black metal blade knife with a black handle. Johnson showed Det. Y. Sanchez with his hands the length of the
blade to be approximately 5 to 6 inches long. Johnson stated that when his uncle stabbed him, his uncle was wearing a blue plaid robe. Johnson
stated that when the police arrived he saw that his uncle was wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Johnson stated that he left his phone in the back of the
house on top of a black robe he was laying on. He stated that he told the paramedics to give the phone to his father. He stated that he wasn't sure if
they did or did not.

While speaking with Johnson Det. Y. Sanchez received a phone call. At 21:14hrs Det. Y. Sanchez received a photo image from Det. Ken
Ramkissoon. The photo image was from a black male wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Det. Y. Sanchez showed the photo image to Johnson.
Johnson stated that the man in the picture was his uncle Dan Johnson. Johnson positively identified Dan Johnson as his uncle the one who stabbed
him with a knife.
Det .Y. Sanchez observed 4 stab injuries to Michael Johnson. Three to the front chest and abdomen and one to the lower back.
Detective Chris Jusick responded to 503 East Beresford Ave to assist with the investigation. Det Jusick viewed the exterior of the residence for the
search warrant. Det Jusick observed that there was a multi colored towel on the patio slab on the northeast corner of the residence. The sliding glass
door from the slab into the residence was open. Det Jusick could see a small puddle of blood on the carpet inside the residence. Det Jusick left the
scene and went to the DeLand Police Department to interview Dan Johnson.
Dan Johnson was interviewed at approximately 21:24 hours in the Criminal Investigation Division. Det Jusick advised Dan Johnson of his Miranda
Rights and he agreed to speak with detectives. Dan Johnson advised that he has lived at 503 East Beresford Ave with his brother, Willie Johnson,
since 2003. Willie Johnson raised three foster children Dan Johnson identified as, Michael Johnson, Darnell Johnson, and Marco Johnson. Dan
Johnson said that he let the devil in today and attacked Michael Johnson because he was disrespectful. Dan Johnson advised that the children are
all very disrespectful to their father. Dan Johnson said that Michael Johnson has a room at the residence but sleeps in a white vehicle in the yard.
Dan Johnson said that he had worked outside in the yard all day. He stopped working in the yard around 17:05 hours and came in the house. Dan
Johnson advised that he decided to have a beer and consumed it. He then decided, around 18:10 hours, to take a shower. Dan Johnson changed
from a blue tee shirt and jeans into a blue robe. He went to the bathroom and found it occupied. He knocked on the door and heard Michael Johnson
muttering inside. Dan Johnson requested use of the bathroom to take a shower and Michael Johnson refused to vacate the bathroom and said he
had only been in there for a minute. Dan Johnson returned to his room. Approximately 10-15 minutes later he returned to the bathroom and again
found it occupied. He knocked very loudly that time and told Michael Johnson to get out of the bathroom. Dan Johnson advised that Michael Johnson
quickly opened the door wearing only a towel. Dan Johnson said that Michael Johnson "buffed up" at him and told him that he had only been in there
for a minute. Dan Johnson confirmed with detectives that Michael Johnson did not take a fighting stance, make verbal threats, or otherwise threaten to attack him.
Dan Johnson said he took Michael Johnson puffing his chest up as a threat to his life. Dan Johnson said he decided to defend his life at that time.
Dan Johnson described that the bathroom is positioned at an angle to the door to his bedroom across the hall on the lower level of the house. Dan
Johnson said that he walked back to his room and then walked to the back wall of his room where he kept several knives of varying size and an
aluminum bat as personal defense weapons. Dan Johnson said that he decided to arm himself with the larger bladed knife which was described as a
narrow bladed butcher knife or fillet knife with a dark brown or black wooden handle. Dan Johnson confirmed that Michael Johnson had not followed
him to his room and had not made any additional threats. Dan Johnson then walked out of his room and into the hallway where he saw Michael
Johnson standing over the threshold of the hallway from the bathroom. Dan Johnson explained that he held the knife in his right hand and he "cuffed"
the knife with the handle in his hand and the blade pointed up towards his elbow behind his arm, concealing it from Michael Johnson's view. Dan
Johnson said he approached Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson took one step towards him not in a lunging motion. Dan Johnson said he then
stabbed Michael Johnson in the stomach. Michael Johnson stepped back and "finally dropped the towel". Michael Johnson who was nude at that
point stepped towards Dan Johnson again and Dan Johnson again stabbed him in the stomach area. Michael Johnson then stepped backwards and
Willie Johnson walked into the hallway from his room down the hall. Willie Johnson approached and asked what was going on. Dan Johnson said
that he put the knife in his right robe pocket at that time concealing it from Willie Johnson's view. Dan Johnson said that Michael Johnson told Willie
Johnson numerous times that Dan Johnson had stabbed him. Dan Johnson told Willie Johnson it was because of disrespect.
Dan Johnson said he walked back into his room and put the knife back on the shelves in his bedroom where he had originally collected it. Dan
Johnson then changed into the blue tee shirt and jeans that he wore to work in the yard. Dan Johnson was asked why he felt threatened by Michael
Johnson. Dan Johnson said he is 73 years old and estimated Michael Johnson to be 32-35 years of age and well built. Dan Johnson said that
Michael Johnson regularly lifts weights at the house and is strong. Dan Johnson said he takes care of himself also and is also strong but he did not
know how his body would handle fighting Michael Johnson. Det Jusick confirmed with Dan Johnson that Michael Johnson had not physically attacked
him or threatened to attack him. At no point was Michael Johnson armed. Dan Johnson swore that what he said in his statement was true. Dan
Johnson was then transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail for aggravated battery.